Entrevista ao Partido Comunista dos Estados Unidos

Entrevist_CPUSA (1) (Salvo Automaticamente)

Contribution by the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) to the 14th International Meeting of Communist and Worker’s Parties 

Versão em inglês da Contribuição do PCdoB no EIPCO 2012 Líbano

13th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties Contribution of Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)

Intervenção EIPCO Grecia – (en,sp,pt)

Statement of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) in the 12th Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties

Intervenção EIPCO Africa do Sul – (en, sp, pt)

Declaration of Guayaquil

Declaration of Guayaquil

A liberalizing consensus and the nature of capitalism

Intervenção no Seminário de Governos Progressistas – Renato Rabelo – 2011 (ing,esp,ing)

The World Cup and the Olympic Games are levers for development

A Copa e as Olimpíadas são alavancas para o desenvolvimento (sp, en, pt)

Interview with Renato Rabelo

“We need to strengthen the government with structural reforms”

22.07.13-Entrevista Renato Encarte_ENG

Note from the National Politics Commission of PCdoB

Note from the National Politics Commission of PCdoB (en,sp,pt)

The voice of the people must be heard and acted upon

The popular and youth manifestations that are growing and expanding all over the country have a reason, a social cause.  For PCdoB, democratic matters are intertwined with social issues.  Therefore, for democratic advance to take place, it is precious and auspicious to know through these more authentic manifestations what our people urge for and feel tormented by.

By Renato Rabelo (National President of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)

Usually there are greater reasons that build up and surface through apparently simple claims.  The fight against high prices for urban transportation and the dissatisfaction with the extremely high investments in the construction of football stadia are acute manifestations of the stress the population from great urban centers in Brazil is undergoing.

Our cities have grown at fast pace, however, without having adequate structure for such transformation.  That caused a concentration of severe social problems, making cities inhospitable for their inhabitants, mainly the ones who live in the outskirts.  The outbreak of these happenings that are spreading throughout the country is a warning.  This is an outpouring of the real life conditions in the cities, which amongst other problems now have priority in the agenda and must be faced.

We believe that governments that are really democratic and committed to ensuring social advance, that is, the governments that we are leading or somehow participating in, have the duty to look for ways to start addressing these serious urban problems.  One of the solutions advocated by the PCdoB Program is having an Urban Reform with an integrated development plan, renewal and humanization of the cities.  It is a growing demand.

Measures to face the urgent housing issue, which strongly impacts on urban centers, have been taken by President Dilma Rousseff through Minha Casa Minha Vida Program (My House, My Life).  This program helps the financing of popular housing.  There are also several ongoing projects to solve structural and urban mobility issues through PAC2.  The burning issue now is to finance quality mass transportation, enabling citizens to displace without having to constantly use cars.

PCdoB will engage in finding the necessary emergency measures to reduce the price of urban transportation fares and to improve the overall efficacy of public transportation.  PCdoB will act by using its influence in the social movement and its participation in democratic governments.  There must be a joint effort gathering the federal, state and city governments in order to find a way to meet these needs.
*Renato Rabelo is the National President of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)

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